by brianna


Me(brianna) and a few of my friends,Karen Stephanie Nancy and my couz Azi were in the attic wich is also my room. when we started to hear strange noises coming from the hall leading to my parents room we went downstairs to check the problem i had seen somthing out of the corner of my eye thinkin it was just me i kept it to myself until Karen screamed out oh shit did u guys c that or is it just me when i said out of nowhere yea that was when we all jumped up an freaked out. we looked in my parents room and they werent thre. we all tryed to stay calm but we couldnt knowing that we were home alone with somthing in my house!we locked ourselves in my room when out of nowhere we heard scratches on my door.we dont have a cat so we began to wonder wat it was. then my cousin was going to go down stairs but when that idea popped into mind the scrathes got even louder! my cousin finally got the nerve to open the door when all of a sudden............. bam my dog had jumpeed on her! You should check on your door maybe something or someone maybe scrachting....

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Posted by brianna

Posted on Feb 10, 2013 - 10:32am


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